The Ruby is an arts & letters–focused work and gathering space for creative Bay Area women of all definitions. It's a 3,800-square-foot multipurpose space for women, trans women, and nonbinary individuals with diverse interests, seeking a welcoming, supportive environment in which to learn, share, and connect. During nights and weekends, The Ruby hosts social gatherings, skill-sharing, political organizing, and more.  At The Ruby, women can recharge, focus on — and find inspiration for — their creative work, and get support from a likeminded community. 

Located in the Mission district of San Francisco (walking distance from the 24th Street BART station), The Ruby is firmly rooted in the culture of San Francisco: our members are representative of the city's diversity & creative spirit; our food & beverage program celebrates the local cuisine and supports local chefs, caterers, and winemakers. Our upstairs artist's loft hosts the occasional visiting writer and artist. The Ruby is entirely member funded and takes no outside investments. Our space is available for rent to organizations and groups aligned with our mission.


The Ruby is a collective of Bay Area women and nonbinary creatives with a desire to learn, curiosity, and a range of interests, and who are continually seeking enrichment. It's for those who are passionate about their creative and professional pursuits and want to share them with others, and who value community and are interested in new friendships — especially outside of their chosen fields of work. More than just a workspace, The Ruby offers its members opportunities to learn new skills and engage over a communal table of food and drink made by local women.

We call our members — who include writers, artists, photographers, filmmakers, podcast hosts, and other creatives — "Rubies." Rubies are multifaceted, and share a common desire to expand their world views and communities, share their passions, and make meaningful connections. And Rubies are strong: as resilient as sapphires and only a little bit softer than diamonds. Almost all rubies have flaws, and that’s what makes them interesting: we wear ours proudly.


The San Francisco Bay Area is a special part of the world that, though beautiful, can sometimes be isolating. And San Francisco artists are being priced out of the city; in recent years so many writer & artist friends have had to leave. The Ruby will be an antidote to that, as well as a space to cultivate new friendships and widen our circles, with the hope that we can all learn from and be able to help one another. What makes San Francisco so special as a city — multiculturalism and diversity — is unfortunately being lost to homogeneity. Our hope is that The Ruby can be as unique, diverse, down-to-earth, and inspirational as we first found San Francisco to be.  

The Ruby exists because of the many inspiring spaces that have come before it: San Francisco's own The Makeshift Society (which closed in 2016), LA's Women's Center for Creative Work (who created the excellent reference A Feminist Organization's Handbook), Brooklyn's New Women's Space, New York's The Wing, and Brooklyn's Powder Keg. We're excited by the things Twin Lities in Minneapolis, Pineapple Collaborative in DC, and Hedgebrook in Washington are doing.

Here in the Bay Area, we're very proud to be part of a growing cast of businesses and organizations where women can gather together, including Mill Valley's The Hivery, San Francisco's The AssemblyRadiant & Double Union, and Oakland's Qulture Collective. Other San Francisco spaces we're inspired by (not just for women!) include  Impact Hub and The Writer's Grotto


Learn more about memberships at The Ruby here. Space is limited; apply for a membership here.

A note about accessibility: The Ruby has a set of stairs leading up to it; we always have a staff member on hand to help if you require assistance. We are saving up to outfit The Ruby with a stairlift and hope to offer this as an option down the line. (If you have suggestions or are able to donate one, please get in touch!)

If you'd like to be in touch, feel free to email staff@therubysf.com.