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Talking about your value off the cuff: confident impromptu speaking

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to talk with confidence about yourself, your work, and your value in impromptu situations. We’ll use some speaking frames to help you get your point across quickly, clearly, and memorably without rambling — or worrying that you’ve said too little. Participants will get plenty of hands-on practice during the workshop. And because these frameworks are useful in work and social situations, you’ll have lots of opportunities to try it out in your day-to-day too.

About Kara Levy

For the past ten years, Kara Levy has provided communication and leadership coaching to hundreds of Bay area tech, design, academic, and business leaders to help them connect with audiences and maximize personal leadership presence. Within the world of communication, her great love is storytelling: a fiction writer with an MFA from Columbia University, she’s taught writing at a number of universities and mentored best-selling writers of fiction, memoir, and academia in crafting their narratives. She lives in San Francisco with her daughter.