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Art Supply Swap at The Ruby!

Many artists go through periods of trying different types of mediums, and wind up accumulating art supplies from their experiments that they no longer use. So we thought, why not swap materials? Let's purge and refresh our art cabinets! Bring your gently used art supplies* such as paper, stationary, watercolors, color pencils, pens, inks, clay, tools, textiles, threads, etc.! Take as much as you need at the swap. Any unclaimed art supplies will be donated to SCRAP, our local reuse materials shop.

This art swap is happening simultaneously with our BOOK & SUCCULENT SWAP, so please feel free to also bring/take books and succulents!

*Disclaimer: please do not bring any hazardous or toxic materials such as moldy textiles, old electronics, house paint, dangerous tools, ect. For a full list of materials we can and cannot accept, refer to SCRAP's donation page