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Musical Showcase! Feat. Love Jerks, Heather D'Angelo, Silverware, and Gala

Join talented Ruby musicians — Rebecca Garza-Bortman, Heather D'Angelo, Ainsley Wagoner, and Claire Calderon — for a performance and Q&A (7 p.m. to 9 p.m.).

About Love Jerks

Love Jerks is a San Francisco duo who make dream-pop ballads and glam-rock anthems with a flair for the cinematic. The offspring of two lead singers—Bryan Garza of Scissors for Lefty (vocals, guitar) and Rebecca Garza-Bortman of Happy Fangs and My First Earthquake (vocals, bass)—the band was born when these two jerks, yes, fell in love. They met in a rock club; got married in a rock club; and somewhere in between they discovered a mutual affection for Grimes, The Pretenders, and French pop from the 1960s. Love Jerks is for anyone who’s ever gazed out a train window, starring in their own John Hughes movie in their head. (Maybe there’s a smidge of David Lynch.)

About Heather D’Angelo

Heather D'Angelo is a member of the indie dream-pop band, Au Revoir Simone, founded in Brooklyn in 2003. Au Revoir Simone has released four LPs and was recently featured on Twin Peaks: The Return. Since moving to San Francisco in 2015, Heather shifted creative gears and began to compose perfume; she launched her sustainable fragrance company, Carta, in 2017.

About Silverware

Led by Ainsley Wagoner and her ethereal voice, Silverware plays sparse, atmospheric, and bittersweet pop. Wagoner weaves lyrics on the feminine experience together with sounds inspired by her hometown of Lexington, KY. With a subtle but moving sound, Silverware gets the audience to tune in and feel all the feels.

About Gala

Gala (pronounced: GAH-LAH) is an acoustic indie folk-pop trio based in Oakland, CA with Roots in Chile, Guam, & the Philippines. Their music deals with themes of migration, justice, heartache, and resilience. Gala’s sound is magnetic, tender, and transportive often inspired by a long tradition of Chilean and South American folkloric music. Gala takes its name from a beloved furry friend who takes her name from Salvador Dalí’s muse.