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Hormones, Fertility, Menopause, Egg freezing, & more with Modern Fertility

Join Dr. Erin Burke and the Modern Fertility team to talk through hormones, fertility, menopause, egg freezing and more.

We'll go over a quick overview of the female reproductive system (because for most of us it's been some time since we were in a sex-ed class!) and then a deep dive into hormones. What do they do in our body? Why are they so important? What do they tell us about fertility, family planning, and more? How can you measure your fertility to better plan your career, your goals, and your life in general? We go deep into the science of this so you can understand exactly what is happening in your body related to fertility, how to track it, and what this means for you and your goals.

After hormones we'll dive into the practical piece of all of this. How does egg freezing really work? What about IVF? What even is menopause, beyond hot flashes? We'll talk through all of this and more!

About Dr. Erin Burke

Dr. Erin Burke runs Research and Clinical Operations at Modern Fertility. She comes to us from Yale, where she completed her PhD in Biological Anthropology. As part of her doctorate, she was the lead researcher for the Yale Gay Father's Project where she tracked hormone changes in gay fathers.

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