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Getting Grants with Cristiana Baik

As gifted artists and writers, many of us have amazing, game-changing projects that need seed funding, visibility, and support. It's not an easy process to seek out and secure funding, and although the application process is not often complicated, the writing itself can be laborious and intimidating, even discouraging.

During this workshop, Ruby member Cristiana Baik will provide some practical nuts-and-bolts tips related to grant writing: doing your due diligence, building realistic timelines, building your budget (and communicating your budget in a clear way to funders) and discussing the writing style that funding committees often look for in "winning" proposals. She'll also provide some basic templates related to grant proposals/narratives and budgets.

About Cristiana Baik

Cristiana Baik is a writer working and living in San Francisco. Currently, she works as the Director of Development for the Richmond Area Multi-Services, Inc. (RAMS), one of the largest mental health agencies serving the Asian/Pacific Islander community in the Bay Area. She has been doing development and sustainability building work for nonprofits for more than a decade, having raised nearly $10 million in foundation grants and $30 million in government contracts for nonprofits in California, Minnesota and New York in the past five years. In the past, she has led grant writing efforts for arts-based nonprofits, including ART21 and the San Francisco Art Institute.