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Watercolor for Beginners with Jennie Lennick

Watercolor is a wonderful art form that is portable and easy! In this workshop, we will learn all the basics of painting with watercolor including different blending and layering techniques and how to compose an image. We will go over the ins and outs of choosing brushes and styles of watercolor paint (pan vs liquid watercolors), how to use watercolor pencils, and when to use waterproof pens while doing several exercises to get comfortable with the materials. Once everyone is ready, we will practice painting from a still life composed of fruits, plants, and other fun items! Everyone will go home with several finished paintings ready to adorn your walls and all the supplies you need to keep painting! 

PLEASE NOTE: There is a materials fee of $20, payable at the start of class. (Nonmembers, this is included in the price of your ticket.) 

About Jennie Lennick

In addition to being a Ruby member and neighbor (check out her shop at 3043 24th Street!), Jennie Lennick is a San Francisco–based artist, entrepreneur, and teacher. As a child in the Midwest, Jennie became enamored with traditional domestic craft, learning to sew and embroider. In 2010, She moved to the Bay Area to attend the San Francisco Art Institute, where she studied painting. Inspired by the natural beauty of Northern California, Jennie launched Jenny Lemons (, a collection of modern block printed and hand painted women’s clothing and textiles. Jennie's work has been featured in publications like the San Francisco Chronicle, Brit + Co, and San Francisco Magazine. Her retail store in the Mission District of San Francisco is a community space where she facilitates DIY workshops, produces her products, and showcases the talents of other local artists.