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HAPPY HOUR (AND A HALF): Mountain Tides Wine

Our goal is pretty simple: we want to learn and better understand the rich diversity of California’s landscape through the lens of the Petite Sirah grape, and through that process we want to make delicious wines that offer a new perspective of what Petite Sirah in California is capable of becoming.

One of our favorite things about California is that it contains a seemingly endless amount of distinct areas with their own plants, rocks, views, and people. If you drive one hour in five different directions, there is a good chance you will find yourself in five vastly different places. By focusing on the Petite Sirah grape, and by using a more hands-off winemaking approach, we can see how any of these unique places yields a completely unique wine.

We find Petite Sirah growing in vineyards in lesser-known areas of California, and each of these places has a story to tell and we do our best to listen and let that story come out as purely as possible.