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Introduction to Personal Safety with IMPACT Bay Area

This 90-minute class provides an intro to IMPACT Bay Area's style of empowerment self-defense! Students develop intuition, situational awareness, congruent body language and powerful verbal skills to deescalate and deter assault and harassment. Students will also learn and practice a few simple and effective physical self-defense techniques. The physical skills trained in our longer classes provide a broad range of options for dealing with violence in worst-case scenarios, but even this short class offers a toolbox of great skills for keeping yourself safe. 

We know that most assaults can be avoided or prevented using awareness, intuition, body language, and voice. This class will provide valuable tools for staying safe.

About Impact Bay Area

IMPACT Bay Area is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that teaches boundary-setting, personal safety and accessible physical self-defense. Since 1985, we've given more than 12,000 people the skills to defend themselves against verbal, physical and sexual assault. Our classes accommodate all ages and body types because we believe that everyone has the right to safety. IMPACT courses increase student safety, confidence and the ability to recognize, set and defend personal boundaries- in worst-case scenarios and in daily life. Learn more about their classes and how to support their mission here