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Demystifying Whiskey: How to Drink Like a Pro

The world of whiskey can feel daunting — how it's made, how to talk about it, what makes a brand better than another, and how it goes best in drinks — unless you have a framework to understand it. In this class, taught by Ruby member Shanna Farrell, you'll get a primer on the history of whiskey production in the U.S., learn the basics of what makes whiskey a bourbon, rye, or single malt, how to describe it, and some tips on what to look for when selecting a bottle for your home bar. You'll taste through a flight of whiskies and practice talking about it so you can order with confidence at any bar. And, last but not least, there will be a drink demo so you can learn to whip up a fantastic whiskey cocktail at home.

About Shanna Farrell

Shanna Farrell is an interviewer at UC Berkeley's Oral History Center, where she works on a wide variety of projects and specializes in contemporary cocktail culture. She is the author of Bay Area Cocktails: A History of Culture, Community and Craft. Her writing has appeared in PUNCH, Gravy, The San Francisco Chronicle, and Edible San Francisco. She is the co-host of the Prix Fixe podcast, a show about the intersection of food and drink. But, above all, she is a whiskey lover who needs help drawing down the stock of her home bar.