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DIY Tofu Tuesday with Andrea Nguyen

Warm and tender, fresh tofu is like fresh cheese: It’s simply delicious. If you’re entranced (or mystified) by tofu, join us for DIY Tofu Tuesday! Cookbook author and cooking teacher Andrea Nguyen will show you how it’s made, plus answer questions about buying and cooking it. She’ll discuss how to source ingredients and shortcuts, too.

We’ll go from beans to curds in this hands-on class. Then, we’ll set up a tofu tasting bar with various toppings for you to build your own tofu snacks. Expect the following menu: 

  • Fresh soy milk
  • Homemade block tofu
  • Homemade tofu pudding
  • Japanese seasoned soy sauce
  • Chile oil, shiso, and other toppings
  • Sichuan Pressed Tofu and Peanuts in Spicy Bean Sauce

Vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores welcomed. Tofu is for everyone.

If you have any of Andrea’s books, she’ll be happy to sign it. They’ll also be available for purchase during class.

PLEASE NOTE: There is an ingredient fee of $20, payable at the start of class.

About Andrea Nguyen

Andrea Nguyen, M.A., is a bank examiner gone astray who’s living her childhood dream of writing compelling, culture-centric cookbooks and teaching people how to cook well. Her acclaimed books include Into the Vietnamese Kitchen, Asian Dumplings, Asian Tofu, The Banh Mi Handbook, and The Pho Cookbook. She also edited Unforgettable, a biography cookbook about culinary icon Paula Wolfert. Her forthcoming book, Vietnamese Food Any Day, will be published in February 2019.

Based in Santa Cruz, Andrea has contributed to publications such as Lucky Peach, Saveur, the Wall Street Journal, and Cooking Light, where she is a monthly columnist. Keep up with her at