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Astrology & Mindfulness for Decision Making with Sarah Fontaine

Do you ever feel exhausted from all the decisions you have to make? What to eat for lunch? What to spend the rest of your life doing? How to take care of your body? What to do to make money? What partner to get, keep, or break up with? Do you ever wonder how other people make decisions? Who is telling you what to do? What influences contribute to how you make decisions? How conscious of these influences are you?

This class, led by Ruby member Sarah Fontaine, will provide the humans in it with some time to look closely at the ways we have been making decisions. Then we’ll compare this to how we want to be making decisions. Through writing and reflecting, talking and being quiet, we’ll come up with a clear and simple list of personal priorities to take home as an aide for future decision making. Sarah will offer Astrology to illuminate our tendencies in decision-making, and mindfulness practices to (re)connect to our own inherent wisdom on how to live as a person on this particular planet.

About Sarah Fontaine

Sarah Fontaine practices experimental healing arts in the forms of writing, performance and astrology readings. She publishes books with her sister at Carville Annex Press. She breathes and drinks water and lives in San Francisco, and spends as much time with plants as possible.