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INCONNU is a one-woman project with great dedication to making low intervention wines from ethically farmed grapes. These wines are meant to be enjoyed every day — not just on special occasions. We are inspired by the French tradition ofvin de soif, or "wine of thirst." Our wines are pleasurable and light, but still express great care and devotion to craft.

About Laura Brennan Bissell

I did not go to school for winemaking, matter of fact, I did not go to college until I had already starting working in wine, and only briefly due to a fleeting obsession with becoming a neuroscientist.

My earliest introductions to wine were stealing the cast aside bottles my parents' friends would bring over for parties (they were not wine drinkers in the slightest), snatching bottles from a hotel my boyfriend and I worked at in high school, and drinking it from the bottle at the punk shows of my youth... the content getting better over the years.

Though I am originally a native of the Washington DC Area, I moved to the Bay Area when I was 22 to become a tattoo artist, but instead spent the majority of my time on bicycles, collecting records, reading books, drinking beer, and touring around the US with bands. In my mid 20s I moved to Barcelona where I was very involved with performance poetry, experimental music, and truly developed my love for beautifully simple food, and low intervention wine.