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Intro to Sandal Making by Stace Fulwiler

In this one day workshop hosted by Stace Fulwiler, you will make your very own pair handmade leather sandals!  No experience is necessary, Stace will be there to help you through the entire process and classes are kept small to allow for plenty of individual assistance. She will bring all the tools, supplies, and many different leather colors to choose from. You will have the choice of making a toe-ring sandal, a sandal that buckles at the ankle, or a two-strap slide sandal. The strap width, leather colors, and strap placement is all up to you.  View photos of past workshops and student work here

Over the course of the day, you will learn how to make sandals that fit to your feet. Making sandals entirely from leather, including the soles and heels, is a traditional way of shoemaking that has been practiced for centuries.  In the process of making your sandals, you will also learn basic leather-working techniques and become familiar with shoe-making tools. Your self-made sandals will be ready for pickup at The Ruby the following day. Bring a friend or family member and enjoy a day of working with your hands to craft a pair of sandals you will wear for years to come.

Check out photos from some of Stace's past events:

PLEASE NOTE: This class is from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., but you may finish earlier! Please bring: Working hands and outfits!

About Stace Fulwiler

I started making sandals 4 years ago and soon became addicted to the freedom that comes from making my own apparel. I continued learning through trial and error, reading old books, and talking to the few remaining shoemakers in the Bay Area.  I seek out shoemakers in my travels and have met with sandal makers in New York, Paris, and Morocco - I have many more on my list yet to visit.  The sandal makers I've met are delightful people and are often just as excited as I am to talk shop and share knowledge. 

I teach sandal making workshops to demystify the process of making one's own apparel. Sandal making is a very learnable craft and I absolutely love teaching it. Anyone can experience the magic of shoemaking with the correct supplies and a little guidance; I'm always amazed at the work students create at each workshop.  I teach workshops during the warmer months throughout California and am always working on new designs in my studio.