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Re-aligning with your Values & Inner Wisdom with Gieselle Allen

Your values define you; they're at the core of your being. Without these things, you wouldn’t be you. When it comes to making decisions in work and life, it's imperative to be aware of your unique set of values so that you can make authentic choices and commitments, and understand what's at the root of that nagging feeling that something just isn't right.

In this interactive workshop, led by Ruby Member Gieselle Allen, you'll partner with fellow Rubies to:

  • Discover your values
  • Gain clarity around how closely you're currently aligned to your values
  • Make tangible goals for how to move forward in a more authentic way

You'll also do a brief visualization exercise to help you access your "Inner Wisdom" (more commonly known as your "gut" or "intuition").

This workshop could benefit anyone, but is especially helpful for individuals who are currently juggling a variety of passions, projects, or priorities in life. 

About Gieselle Allen

Gieselle is a San Francisco–based career and life coach for ambitious women who are looking to slow down, look inward, and fully align themselves to their authentic path. When she isn't coaching, she is writing, reading, watching enormous amounts of TV, or convincing herself that ice cream doesn't have calories.