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ARTIST RESIDENCIES for Creative Thinkers and Makers of All Kinds with Alicia Toldi of Piney Wood Atlas

Artist residencies provide space and time for visitors to think and create. They exist in cities and small towns, by the ocean, in the desert—even in tiny homes and online. We believe that there is a residency out there for every kind of creative thinker and maker—including fine artists, craftspeople, scientists, permaculturists, podcasters, and cooks. Have you ever thought about attending an artist residency?

In this workshop, we will explore these questions and more: What is an artist residency? How do I apply to one? What if I’m not a fine artist? Can I still go to a residency if I have a full-time job? Or kids? (Spoiler alert: Yes)

Alicia Toldi of Piney Wood Atlas will introduce you to several types of residencies, go over the do’s and don’ts of applications, and provide time for supported portfolio and application development. Feel free to bring a computer!

You’ll leave with all the tools you need for applying/attending residencies and a worksheet to help you find your dream residency. This workshop is great for those who have never attended a residency, but also those who have and want to step up their game.

About Piney Wood Atlas

Piney Wood Atlas is a hands-on resource for a diverse array of creative thinkers and makers who want to attend or organize their own artist residency. Artists Carolina Porras and Alicia Toldi created Piney Wood Atlas to facilitate the exchange of creative ideas and help foster their growth. In a road trip format, we visit small, emerging, and unconventional residencies across the country, soaking up the vibes of each space and sharing our finds online and in regional guidebooks. Our goal is to show that the residency and journey there can be a fun, productive, and attainable adventure for all. Along with our website, our residency guidebooks for the Northwest and Southwest U.S. will be available for purchase.