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Intuitive Songwriting Workshop with Heather D'Angelo

Heather D’Angelo invites you to learn Intuitive Songwriting, the method she developed over the past 15 years to write dozens of songs with her band, Au Revoir Simone. Part meditation exercise and part art therapy, Intuitive Songwriting empowers students to discover their own songs by engaging techniques Heather created to take advantage of her lack of formal musical training: Attuned Listening and Intuitive Response. Attuned Listening describes a grounding meditative process that uses musical chords to access the subconscious while Intuitive Response opens up a dialogue between inner awareness and outward musical expression. Intuitive Songwriting was founded on Heather’s belief that all human beings are inherently musical: your heart is always keeping a beat.

The only items required to take this class are an iPad with a copy of the Polychord app ($9.99), a pair of headphones, a notebook and pen, and an open spirit.

PLEASE NOTE: You need an iPad with Polychord installed and ready to go if you'd like to take this class. If you don't own an iPad, don't hesitate to ask your fellow Rubies to borrow one; email and we will can help facilitate. Please note that if you do not have access to an iPad, you cannot participate in the class. Please arrive to class with the app already downloaded and functional on your iPad; this workshop is short and so there won’t be time enough for both teaching the method and overcoming technical issues.

About Heather D'Angelo

Ruby member Heather D’Angelo is a member of the indie dream-pop band, Au Revoir Simone, founded in Brooklyn in 2003. Au Revoir Simone has released four LPs and over a dozen singles, EPs, and remix albums. Their music has been featured in commercials, films, and TV shows, including Apple, Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, and most recently in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks: The Return.