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Afternoon Tea with Cecelia Lau of London Tea Club

Join Cece from London Tea Club for afternoon tea and conversation. We'll talk tea culture, cultivation, ceremony and more while enjoying a traditional Chinese tea ceremony.

Chinese gong fu tea is the informal yet beautiful and serene practice of preparing tea. Traditional teaware is used to brew in the Eastern method (more leaves, less water, many infusions) which emphasizes quality, presentation and mindfulness.

We will taste the difference between Japanese and Chinese green tea, roasted and unroasted Taiwanese oolongs and even delve into the world of Puerh - the final frontier of tea. Learn what makes each of these teas unique, and a bit about tea's surprisingly political history.

This cozy event is perfect for both tea lovers and the tea curious. Drinks and snacks will be provided.

About Cecelia Lau

I grew up drinking tea with my family and started London Tea Club during my expat years in the UK. My own relationship with tea, and the farmers behind it, has deepened over time, and the tea club directly reflects my journey with this precious gift from nature. When Iā€™m not serving tea, you can find me hiking Windy Hill with my schnauzer Charlie, splashing in the local pool with my daughter Anaya and meditating on my cushion at home or favorite retreat centers Spirit Rock and 1440 Multiversity. See more of my tea journey at @londonteaclub and

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