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Show & Tell for Creators of Color hosted by Laila Bahman

Artists, writers, and makers of color: please join us for a night of sharing our work, hosted by Laila Bahman. Bring a piece of writing, art, or photography to share. We have a projector for projecting work as well. 

About Laila Bahman

Laila Bahman is a photographer working between the Bay and LA. Laila has been photographing for over ten years and is continuing to explore her personal work and voice as her practice evolves. Laila works on commercial and editorial projects and collaborates with film directors on creating imagery for their films during pre-production and production. Some of her clients/collaborations include Modern Fertility, Thumbtack, Linked In, Walrus Advertising Agency, The Last Black Man in San FranciscoAmerican Paradise, Ulysses Press, Owl N Wood, Magic Carpet Yoga Mats and more. Her work has been published in New York Magazine, Filmmaker Magazine and Vice. She is at work developing her first experimental short film based in Southern Oregon and delving into structuring her first photo book. Laila believes everyone is an artist at heart, and can hone in on their creative skills, no matter where they are in life.