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Join us for Happy Hour with Lynn Wheeler of Edith and IdaHobo wines, and more.

About Lynn Wheeler

I am a native of Pueblo, CO, who spent long hot summers in the Panhandle of Texas. In school at CU Boulder, I studied voice, photography, South American studies and finally Biology before I decided I better drop out. Kenny was keen to come get me and we moved to SF where we lived in a hallway we called the honeycomb hideout. Romantics from the start, we travelled the world together eating buttered baguettes and drinking cheap, well, anything.

I finally majored in Botany at UC Davis and managed the CSA at the student organic farm alongside Kenny who tended the student organic vineyard. I spent the summer and fall cataloging the flora of Rocky Mountain National Park, and then we moved to Santa Cruz where I was a Program Director at Eco-Farm and Kenny a Winemaker at Hallcrest/Organic Wine Works.

It was then, in 2001, that the Hobo Wine Company started and Kenny, with me by his side, ventured down the path towards building a small business that 17 harvests later has surrounded us with gratitude. In all these years creating this life, I have raised babies, filed many the form, sold wine with toddlers in tow, cleaned, inventoried, delivered, harvested, and cleaned again. In short, it was just time I made my own wine.

I am proud of the Edith and Ida Chardonnay because it embodies work and love. The vines are organically tended and very old and I find perfectly express all that is delicious in California fruit.

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