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Single Moms Meetup: Purposeful, Positive Single Parenting

Are you, by choice or happenstance, parenting solo or planning to do so? Join other Rubies and friends of the Ruby for a theoretical and practical discussion about single motherhood.

Topics we might cover, depending on interest:

• parenting with intention, integrity, self-awareness, and presence; helping kids develop curiosity, confidence, and compassion; establishing a supportive home environment, appropriate boundaries, clear household rules, and effective everyday routines; fulfilling expectations and keeping promises in challenging situations

• cultivating joy and gratitude, prioritizing work/family balance, making time for yourself, creating a community of support

• finding your footing if you are newly single, helping kids adjust, developing and maintaining a positive co-parenting relationship and managing conflict in good faith

• feminist frameworks: non-traditional family structures and single parenting above, beyond, and in spite of patriarchy

• prejudice toward and stigmatization of parenting outside of marriage or coupledom; the impact on mothers and children of being seen as different, other, or secondary to normal

• intersections of race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, sexual preference, gender identity, and other forms of diversity with regard to single-parent households; the unique challenges for single mothers who fall outside of dominant or privileged categories