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Ghostly Stories Happy Hour

As All Hallow’s Eve creeps closer, do you sense the veil lifting between this world and the other(s)? Have you ever found yourself gazing at moonlit figures, tapping into ancestral intuition, or otherwise sensing some spectral visitation? Chilling, comforting, confounding—if you're curious to hear the otherworldly experiences of your fellow Rubies, or you’ve got a story of your own, join us for a  Happy Hour story-share.

Ruby members Katie Woods, Laura Bridgeman, and Virgie Tovar are among those who will be sharing tales.

After the evening, we will also be collecting stories to compile into the first-ever volume of Ruby Ghost Stories (catchier title forthcoming). If you would like to contribute a story to the event and/or the tome, email laurasbridgeman (AT) gmail (dot) com. Favorite local legends, haunted histories or fictionalized accounts also welcome. No need for any formal crafting—in fact, the more casual and campfire-y, the better. Ectoplasm is not required.