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Podcast Campfire: “What do we belong to?” Edition

Let’s dim the lights, curl up on the couches with some snacks and drinks, and listen to a curated assortment of audio pieces organized around the inaugural theme: “What do we belong to?” The playlist will include podcast excerpts, radio stories, and recordings from a range of audio creators (some from the Bay Area, some from beyond, and all from outside the most well-known podcast “canon”). We’ll listen for no more than 45 minutes with a break in the middle and opportunities to discuss pieces and ask for further recommendations.

This event is organized by Ruby member Audrey Dilling. Audrey Dilling is a producer, editor, and appreciator of radio stories and podcasts. Most recently, she worked on Against the Rules, a narrative podcast looking at fairness in America through the lens of its referees, hosted by the best-selling author Michael Lewis; and Nice Try!: Utopian a series from Vox and Curbed about failed attempts at utopias, hosted by 99 Percent Invisible’s Avery Trufelman.