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HAPPY HOUR (AND A HALF: Springtime Sex, Yoga, and Wine Workshop

Usher in the Spring by joining us for a special happy hour workshop led by Heather Rader of Spirit Horse Vineyards, combining wine-drinking with meditation, yoga, and discussion. 

In Spring, grapevines are awakening, getting ready to express themselves through their fruit. In this Guided Wine Meditation, we teach you to apply the sensuality of wine (taste, smell, mouth feel, touch, temperature) to your own body. We'll consider the thousands of things that had to happen to get this wine to your glass in the here and now, from the vineyard workers whose hands picked the grapes, the oak tree that grew in the groves of France, to the gorgeous sunshine. We channel the energy of the wine to become fully present in our bodies and get in tune with our own sensuality.

Sarah Baker will lead us in light yoga, designed to wake up our bodies and awaken our creativity and sensuality. And sex and dating coach, Myisha Battle, will lead a discussion on the connection between spring and the seasonal awakening we experience in our bodies. We’ll discuss techniques that will clarify how to use this energy productively in our sex lives, to live more fully in the present and accept what our bodies tell us from season to season.