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Decks & Noods: Casual Tarot for the Tarot Curious

Tarot isn't only about fortune-telling or divination; it can also be used as a tool for intuition, reflection, growth, and creative projects.

Ruby members Helen Tseng and Melissa Graeber, the co-hosts of Astral Projection Radio Hour, a weekly witch-themed radio show on, are two friends who have been meeting once a month for the past year to lightly study tarot and eat noodles. They call it "Decks and Noods," and we're bringing a version of it to The Ruby! Every month, we'll gather for thoughtful discussion and practice, and the occasional guest reader.

At this first gathering, Helen and Melissa will give an introductory overview to tarot and the many ways to use it, including — but not limited to — self-reflection, creative ritual, DIY therapy, agency, and more. Helen and Melissa will also share non-patriarchal decks and modern tarot resources they're fans of (Jessa Crispin, Michelle Tea, Many Moons, and various online resources). We'll choose one card as a group to interpret/think about, then break into smaller groups to be in conversation about the ways to interpret a card or spread. breaking into pairs or small groups and being in conversation about the ways to interpret a card or spread.

BYO Tarot Deck if you have one (and extra decks if you own multiple decks!); Helen and Melissa will also bring decks for the deckless. No prior knowledge of Tarot is assumed! We'll provide noodles of course!

Later Event: March 27
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