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INTRO TO PAPER ART with Reina Takahashi

You may have seen Ruby member Reina Takahashi working on her paper art at The Ruby. Paper art is manipulating paper to create 3D sculpture.

In this workshop, Reina will be teaching us how to make paper art of our own. Attendees will learn how to cut, crease, curve, and glue paper to create dimensional paper art.

Each person will walk away with a piece of their own creation, plus a piece made via template through a demo. This is an opportunity for creative people who work in any medium to think more creatively in spatial terms, as well as a rewarding tactile experience.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a $11 materials fee payable at the start of class. Nonmembers, this is included in the price of your ticket.

About Reina Takahashi

I'm a full-time freelance paper artist based in San Francisco. I've done work creating props for marketing shoots and stop motion videos, assets for packaging, book covers, greeting cards, editorial and more. I've been working with cut paper for over ten years, and love the challenge of representing anything out of paper. My tool of choice is a K2 sized Excel knife (similar to your average Xacto, but fatter).