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Raw Material: Sheep Shearing and More! with Stephany Wilkes

Curious about where your clothes come from? Curious about the sheep-shearing life? Join us for a reading and discussion with Stephany Wilkes, a sheep shearer and President of the Northern California Fibershed Cooperative. She’s the author of Raw Material: Working Wool In The West. Stephany will read from her book, and discuss natural and local fiber sourcing, carbon farming practices (and sequestration, how we can actually take CO2 out of the air), and humane sheep shearing and animal handling. She’ll be sharing local fiber samples in forms from raw to finished fabric.

Her book, Raw Material, features numerous Northern California women involved in farming, ranching, carbon sequestration, and natural fibers.

About Stephany Wilkes

Stephany Wilkes is a writer, knitter, spinner, sewist, sheep shearer, wool classer, and President of the Northern California Fibershed Cooperative. Her writing is forthcoming in the North American Review and has appeared in The Billfold, The Ag Mag, Hobby Farms, Midwestern Gothic, and other publications. Stephany speaks about sheep and wool terroir at numerous yarn shops, fiber festivals, guild meetings, schools, and events. She lives (somewhat begrudgingly, at times) in San Francisco, where she dreams of a dog, a truck, and a horse, in that order. She is passionate about soil's ability to sequester carbon and the role that farmers, ranchers, sheep, and textiles can play in mitigating climate change.