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Building A Sustainable Writing Practice with Melissa Graeber

Do you ever feel like you're constantly putting off writing projects, or that you lose steam once you feel stuck? It's easy to tell yourself the story that you only work best under pressure, or when inspiration strikes, or when you finally finish your never-ending to-do list. Yet if we only gave ourselves the opportunity to write during those rare moments, we'd likely create very little. No two writers are alike, but there are many tools, rituals, and practices to keep you focused through the day-to-day slog and all the distractions that fight for our attention. From setting realistic quarterly goals to mining for "glimmers" in your journaling, there are plenty of ways to keep momentum when you feel yourself start to falter. This class will cover how to find a sustainable writing practice that works for you—with no right or wrong way to go about it. We'll discuss habits, rituals, inspiration, tracking, and how to let your writing practice evolve alongside you. We'll also talk about how to get into the habit (if you're not already) of revising and submitting the work you do create to print and online publications.

This workshop will be collaborative and conversational, but you can also expect to leave armed with new tools and insights into the way you work best.

About Melissa Graeber

Melissa Graeber is a writer, editor, and former long-time teacher of wayward teens. She is the co-host of Astral Projection Radio Hour on, and co-author of the book The Astrological Grimoire, recently published by Chronicle Books. She has also had fiction and nonfiction work published by Sparkle & Blink, Medium, and The New Inquiry. Melissa works with writing clients to help them find their best voice, practices, and visions for their work.