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PICK OUR BRAINS: Jennie Lennick, Christine Trac, and Sandra Zhao

We're introducing a new series at The Ruby called "PICK OUR BRAINS," bringing together individuals for whom the question "Can I pick your brain?" is frequently and relentlessly asked. While we love to be helpful — and we too were once in the position of just starting out — we also simply don't have all the time in the world. Enter the "Pick Our Brains" event series. We'll be bringing together a few Rubies and friends of Rubies who are uniquely positioned in their fields, and able to offer insight to folks who want advice or are curious about what they do. We'll do this in a way that's maximally efficient, respectful of the brain pickees' time, and most importantly, fun.

For our first event in this series, we'll be featuring people who have started their own fashion brands, as well as opened brick-and-mortar locations here in San Francisco. Jennie Lennick runs a small-batch clothing company called Jenny Lemons. Her shop on 24th Street features crafts and goods by local artisans. Christine Trac is the founder of Abacus Row, an independent brand of refined and understated handmade jewelry. And Sandra Zhao (to be confirmed depending on her travel!) is one of the cofounders of Zuri, a dress company based in Kenya, and now with shops in New York and San Francisco. 

Interested in starting your own fashion or jewelry brand, and curious about how Jennie, Christine, and Sandra did it? Interested in opening a shop of your own? Bring all your burning questions (and something to write with/on)!

PLEASE NOTE: Ruby members, we ask that you bring a bottle of wine or nonalcoholic beverages (kombucha or coconut water) to share. Nonmembers, your ticket will go toward buying dinner for our guests.