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HAPPY HOUR (AND A HALF): Birdhorse Wines

Join us for a Pride Month happy hour (and a half) featuring Birdhorse Wines! Birdhorse Wines is comprised of partners in love and winemaking, Corinne Rich and Katie Rouse. Corinne is a native Sonoman, who after attending college back east, was lured back to her native California by the idea of combining her chemistry degree with her propensity for being a lush. She started working in wine production in 2012 and since then worked harvests all over the world, in the US, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia. Katie, a Virginian by birth, found her way out west for undergrad and became hooked on the natural beauty of the west coast. She comes from a wine-making family back home, but has carved out her own path in wine production, having worekd in the Sonoma wine scene for a number of years.

Corinne and Katie officially met while working on their graduate degrees in Viticulture and Enology at UC Davis. Unofficially, their first encounter was at a rather emotionally-charged cat funeral years prior in Sonoma, but the connection wasn't truly made until they met as students. They fell in love, graduated, and jetted off to work a harvest in South Africa together. They witnessed a new generation of winemakers coming up there, young people unafraid to experiment with new varieties and winemaking styles, while still honoring much of the grape growing heritage of the country. This resonated with both ladies strongly, and was the inspiration for Birdhorse.