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Couples Massage with Tina Taylor

This couples massage workshop is a co-ed event, and an experience in learning to receive fully and give freely. Come with a friend or partner. Tina will offer perspectives on communicating more confidently and listening without defensive, as well as massage exercises and protocol about shoulders, neck, scalp, hands, feet, and legs. You'll learn tools to massage longer, with more pressure while preserving energy and preventing injury.


  • Wear very comfortable and loose clothing. Sports/bra/Wide neck/ tank top/spaghetti straps are great for easy access to neck/shoulders.

  • Come clean and showered of possible; we'll be working on feet and in close proximity.

  • Yoga mats, blankets, pillows, or whatever will make you comfortable laying around on floors/chairs

  • Bring your own container (small mason jar, bottle, tuba-wear etc). Tina will provide a classic massage oil blend and coconut oil. (If you have any favorite oils for massage, please bring them!)

PLEASE NOTE: This is the beta group of Studio Touch, Tina's new couples massage workshops. A photographer will be present, taking photos for Tina's publicity materials. There is a materials fee of $15 per couple to cover refreshments for the evening (as well as massage oil for you to take home). (Nonmembers, this is included in the price of your ticket.) 

About Tina Taylor

Ruby member Tina Taylor has been practicing massage for 9 years. Trained in Tom Myer's Anatomy Trains, she incorporates the techniques of myofascial release into a deep tissue session. Goals are established to search for the source of pain, whether it be physical imbalances or trapped chronic holding patterns. The process includes expanding and realigning tissue, posture assessment, continuous breath work and strong communication to find a comfortable pressure that brings relief. On the other end of the spectrum, Tina can incorporate gentle, energetic and relaxing tactics to calm the nervous system and quiet the mind.