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Three Gems Tea Tasting

Join Three Gems Tea for a tea tasting at The Ruby!

Three Gems is a new women-owned tea brand that believes in the everyday magic of a shared tea break. More than just sharing a sip, it’s a chance to kick back and catch up!

Three Gems's first-ever collection includes a range of direct trade + single origin oolongs, and a reimagined Chaozhou gong fu tea set made for modern tea breaks. They're proud to be working with small farms to bring you single origin, direct trade teas.


In our first collection, we’re focusing exclusively on oolong teas. What makes oolong teas special? Technically all teas are created from the same plant (Camellia sinensis), but are processed differently to make everything from white teas to dark teas — kinda like how grapes function in making different wines!

Oolongs are made from semi-oxidized tea leaves, meaning they fall between the more commonly known green (unoxidized) and black (fully oxidized) teas. Tea farmers then roast the leaves to varying degrees. As you might guess, that leaves a whole lot of in-between space for oolongs to express themselves. And that’s exactly why we chose to focus on them first: their wide range of flavors — from bright & grassy to dark & toasty — are best appreciated gong fu style.

For a taste of Chaozhou’s favorite kind of oolong, dan cong, we’re partnering with the Huang family. High on the peaks of the famous Phoenix Mountain, the Huangs meticulously tend to tea bushes on their organic farm. After picking, they process and roast the leaves on-site to coax a dazzling array of fragrances from the oolongs.

Follow Three Gems on Instagram here and contribute to their Kickstarter campaign here.

Later Event: September 13
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