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Decks & Noods: Casual Tarot for the Tarot Curious

Tarot isn't only about fortune-telling or divination; it can also be used as a tool for intuition, reflection, growth, and creative projects.

Ruby members Helen Tseng and Melissa Graeber, the co-hosts of Astral Projection Radio Hour, a weekly witch-themed radio show on, are two friends who have been meeting once a month for the past year to lightly study tarot and eat noodles. They call it "Decks and Noods," and we're bringing a version of it to The Ruby! Every month, we'll gather for thoughtful discussion and practice, and the occasional guest reader. We'll choose one card as a group to interpret/think about, then break into smaller groups to be in conversation about the ways to interpret a card or spread.

BYO Tarot Deck if you have one (and extra decks if you own multiple decks!); Helen and Melissa will also bring decks for the deckless. No prior knowledge of Tarot is assumed! We'll provide noodles of course!