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Conversations on Creativity with Dreamers//Doers

Join the women of Dreamers // Doers for a night of casual conversation as we talk all things creativity. We'll be talking about how our creativity is currently flourishing, or falling short. We'll talk about how we get inspired, and troubleshoot what's getting in our way to fully realizing our creative potential. This will be a space for judgement-free, open conversation, and will be an opportunity to connect with amazing women. These conversations are always a lot of fun, a lot of heart, and full of inspiration. This event is open to Rubies, D//Ders, and friends.

Conversation will be guided by fellow Ruby & D//D member, Gieselle Allen.

What is Dreamers//Doers?

Dreamers//Doers is curated community of trailblazing women who dream big and do even bigger. Our community consists of a diverse group of entrepreneurial women. It’s a mix of female founders, women working at startups, and various other types of female creatives, creators and change-makers. What we all have in common is a burning desire to create and make a dent in this universe. We share the belief that so much more is possible if we join forces on our journeys. We know that being a woman means something different to each person. We are inclusive to all women regardless of biological gender, preferred pronouns or given names. To learn more, visit our website: