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DIY Chai: Desi Ladies reclaiming their Beverage

DIY Chai is one part chai party, one part woke history lesson, and one part nerdy food gathering hosted by Farah Jesani and Ruby member Sana Javeri Kadri. Farah runs a chai company in Portland called One Stripe Chai Co., which makes some of the yummiest, real-deal chai concentrate around. Sana's been creating an art-and-food history installation called the Post Colonial Tea Party, investigating the colonial history of tea and chai for four years now—presenting at schools and universities across the country. Join Farah and Sana as they share a short history lesson and conversation (with lots of passionate hand gesturing), a DIY chai spice-blend workshop, and of course, a steaming cup of chai. You’ll also get a cake rusk by Hetal Vasavada of Milk & Cardamom, your own chai spice blend to take home, and an illustrated chai recipe card made by SF-based artist Simmi Patel of Paper Samosa.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a materials fee of $12, payable at the start of class.

About Farah Jesani & Sana Javeri Kadri

Farah Jesani is a transplant via NYC and Atlanta, Farah came to Portland searching for a spot in the coffee world. One stripe chai co. is the fruition of this search and an opportunity to bring a bolder face of chai to the community at large. In a land of meticulously crafted coffee, Farah is dedicated to reclaiming the chai we have readily available. Steamy beverages aside, Farah is interested in the notion of plurality and sparking conversations that spread openness and understanding amongst humans at the most basic level, as well as in a larger arena.

Sana Javeri Kadri is the founder of Diaspora Co., an Oakland, CA, and Mumbai, India–based collective centered in sustainable spice agriculture and direct trade. She grew up in postcolonial Bombay and wound up in the produce aisles of Northern California by way of Northern Italy and Southern California's Inland Empire.