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HAPPY HOUR (AND A HALF): Viña Herminia

Join us for happy hour featuring wines poured by Carmen Ramos, representing Viña Herminia.

Herminia Casas, the namesake of the winery Viña Herminia, was a thoroughly modern and forward-thinking woman who labored tirelessly in favor of the women and children of her community questioning the established norms of her time.

Viña Herminia is located in an unique location between the River Ebro and the Sierra de Yerga, a mountain range of great ecological significance. The vines spread down the slopes of Mount Yerga, from 2300 feet to 1300 feet above sea level. The altitude, position and the influence of the Mediterranean climate, provide the ideal hours of sunshine, temperature and moisture level for the grapes.

Vine, sun and climate: that is where it all starts and we can only give thanks to Nature for having reserved for us such a privileged spot to begin creating our wines.