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MONEY TALKS: No-Spend January

Let's talk about money! Money Talks is a new discussion series we're hosting at The Ruby: At "Money Talks," we'll talk all about what we should be talking about more. The goal is cultivating more consciousness and intentionality around money; the goal is fiscal empowerment! At Money Talks, we'll talk honestly and openly about money — how we approach it individually, what works for us and what doesn't, what we're worried about and what we're doing well. We'll look into various approaches to handling money, especially as artists and freelancers. We'll bring in speakers, read books, and discuss larger economic topics. And so much more!

Join us for a January money "cleanse." For the month of January, we'll attempt to re-set our spending habits by buying only necessities. For this meeting, we'll discuss how our month went, and what we learned, as well as our general intentions and goals for 2019!