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Immigration, Generations, and Identity: A Panel Discussion

Let’s talk about being an immigrant or the child of an immigrant to the United States! Ruby member Aku Ammah-Tagoe and Urban School student Yudi Feng will moderate a roundtable of 1st-, 1.5-, and 2nd-generation women from a range of cultural backgrounds, from adolescence through their 40s. We’ll ask questions like: how do immigration and multicultural identity affect us at different life stages? Which family traditions do we keep, which do we leave, and why? Which words will we always, always mispronounce? There will be time for questions and discussion; together we’ll make a space to share and celebrate our unique identities.

This event is open to female and nonbinary-identifying attendees in high school or older. Family members are encouraged to attend together!

There will be light refreshments, and you are welcome to bring a snack with personal significance to share.