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Preparing for The End of Life: Documents, Decisions, and More with Dr. Jennifer Brokaw

Only 30 percent of people have an AHCD (Advance Health Care Directive). Far fewer have had meaningful discussions with loved ones about their wishes if they become incapacitated. These decisions are important ones that all of us make, but they are especially important for older adults. A study in 2014 showed that among people 65 and over who were hospitalized, 48 percent needed a major medical decision made on their behalf within 48 hours of admission. Most of the "deciders" were women. Having these discussions early results in better care, less family stress and maybe even longer life. Join us for a talk by Ruby member Dr. Jennifer Brokaw followed by a discussion. 

Topics we'll cover:

  • The difference between AHCD and Living Will

  • The importance of choosing the right health care proxy/surrogate

  • Common decisions made during serious illness or at end of life

  • The case for Advance Care Planning, which is a medically directed living will discussion

  • How to get started on creating these documents for yourself and asking your loved ones to complete them as well.

About Dr. Jennifer Brokaw

Dr. Jennifer Brokaw practiced emergency medicine for fifteen years before leaving to start a patient and family consulting practice called Good Medicine. Good Medicine specialized in Advance Care Planning, completing Advance Care Plans for over one hundred individuals. Although Good Medicine closed in 2014, Dr. Brokaw has continued her work as a solo practitioner and as a consultant for the SF Fire Department Cancer Prevention Foundation. She blogs about medical issues affecting older adults and their caregivers at and is active on Twitter about a variety of topics @JenniferBrokaw.